Frequently asked questions

Do you do fondant designs?

I specialize in buttercream cakes and cupcakes, usually there is a design that I can work with to use buttercream instead of fondant.

What is your most popular flavour?

One of my popular is definitely my chocolate cake with swiss meringue buttercream and a raspberry or strawberry filling. Yum!

How much do you charge?

Check out my pricing page here!

Do you make vegan cakes?

Currently I do not offer vegan cakes and am leaving that to the professional vegan bakers of the world. All of my baking contains dairy products.

How many people does a cake feed?

My usal size cake is 6" in diameter and feeds approximately 10-14 people well (depending on the size of slices). I also offer mini style cakes which feed about 4-6 smaller servings, or larger cakes to feed however many guests you may need!

Do you make wedding cakes?

Yes! Send me an email or submit an order form to inquire about the cake for your special day:)