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All About Me

Hi! I'm Naomi Dugdale, I'm a 4th year Civil Engineering Student and absolutely love to bake. I come from a family of seven and have practically grown up in the kitchen.  I remember making pancakes and muffins with my grandma after church on Sundays, and always being my mom's little helper whenever something was cooking. Now don't get me wrong, baking is my happy place and I will love it forever, I do have a lot of other interests though!

I play piano and harp and am always singing, whether it's by myself, with my best friend (always Michael Bublé songs!), family, or in choir. I played basketball throughout high school and miss it like crazy. I've always loved school, and joined as many extracurriculars as I could in high school and was the valedictorian of my graduating class. Those memories are my favourite and I will love them forever.

I worked as a research assistant in wood design and performance for the University, worked as a line cook in the restaurant at Aberdeen golf course throughout the summers, and have been working at in a leadership role at Lululemon for a while now! I am still in school to get my Bachelor of Applied Science in Civil Engineering, after that I am hoping to get a job in the field and maybe do a Master's program. However, one of my dreams is to open my own bakery one day! You know the pretty pink bakeries in magazines and tv shows all throughout Paris and London? Yep, that's the dream. 

I have learned a lot already just starting my little home business, and am excited to see how much more I can learn in the years to come! Thank you to everyone for supporting me in these first few months, I am beyond grateful and couldn't be doing this without you. 

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